To Blog or to Microblog?

According to The Age and internet users have switched off from blogging and onto microblogging.  The Age states WordPress and Live Journal are down 30% but microblogging on other platforms is increasing.  Whilst states in a survey of 1,253 US broadband users in January 2011 the number of people posting a blog was down 25% from 2009 whilst usage of microblogging services such as Twitter was up 400%.

MIcroblogging on the Rise

This trend is valuable information to marketers as it provides an insight into how people are using social media and technology.  Today marketers are predicting revenue for their products based on consumer attention via the internet according to So whether people are using Twitter as opposed to WordPress for example is of vital significance, or can be of vital significance to businesses everywhere.

Reasons why the microblogging trend is on the increase can be narrowed down to several factors.  There is now more competition within the internet market space and so there is only a narrow window of opportunity to grab the attention of a web surfer. Therefore people demand quick bursts of information not detailed analysis.  Maintenance is also an issue, people have busy lives and committing to blogging is essentially like any relationship i.e. a lot of hard work.   People are also Tweeting about their blogs to gain attention thus providing others with a synopsis of their blog content, rendering their blogs only attractive to those wanting to look for more information into the topic.

So it seems as we get busier in our own lives we want less commitment and a quicker supply of information.  If this is a comment on our online behaviour does it coincide with our personal lives?  It does parallel to the divorce rate, increasing number of sexual partners and propensity to switch employers which are all characteristics that have marked society in the naughties.

I think the more options we have the only way to view them is to make them more easily accessible and shorter so they are more retainable, that’s what platforms like Twitter are providing and why they are doing it so successfully.


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2 Responses to To Blog or to Microblog?

  1. melplusone says:

    Hi Adrienne,
    I am particularly interested in your article as I blog and also micro-blog. I got invloved on Twitter almost a year ago and it took me a while to work out what was involved but soon got the hang of it and now I can’t live my life without it. I agree it is alot less work and effort required to update my twitter followers, unlike my wordpress blog, each post takes me a few hours to research my content, then write, then edit. Who has time to update this regularly? I go in stints of updating it regularly but then fade out and leave it be for weeks at a time. I’m sure I’m not alone. More and more of my friends and family are getting invloved with Twitter which makes me even more likely to use it. Whereas my blog, I sometimes feel that I am imposing myself on other people who need to take more time out of their busy lives to read my opinions. I can see Twitter growing even more and Blogs being left to those who are passionate about writing.

  2. Dhikka says:

    Well i guss it’s because Blogging is more extensive than microblogging. For blogging you need to put in a lot of thought and you need facts and sources to support your blog. If you don’t have any evidence and backup to what you’re saying then your blog is not going to get much publicity. But with respect to microblogging, it’s more like long messages that you send across the world. Now a days you have Twitter on almost all mobile phones and it’s an instant thing which is as easy as sending a text message. So i guess the difference is that microblogging takes up lesser time for a person than blogging. People are on a fast forward all the time in today’s world, so anything that helps people do their work faster is going to win the race!!

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